Sunday, April 17, 2011

Thank You

Thanks to all who played, came out, provided the venue, etc last night.  We all had a GREAT time.

HOAX stole the show in my opinion, but all of the bands were great.

Records will be going to distros and stores this week.  I will provide a list of  who has them later on this week.  PLEASE do not contact us to see if there are any left.  There are not.  Get with distributors or wait for the Youth Attack repress.  But don't snooze, the Youth Attack repress will be small and the packaging will be lavish.

We will be playing in Ohio mid-May and are working on something special for the shows.  It will only be available at the Ohio shows, unless there are leftovers, which we will of course offer to our fans at eBay prices.

We will be playing in Chicago again May 30th and then off into the studio to work on the Youth Attack LP and some other things.  Probably won't play again until late July/early August.

Again, thanks to all.

Over and out.

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