Wednesday, May 4, 2011

live action!

Friday May 13th Columbus, OH

Saturday May 14th Cleveland, OH

Monday May 30th Chicago, IL

Check your local listings.

Nothing planned after that.  Next show will probably be for the release of the Youth Attack LP sometime before the end of 2011.  We will be spending the summer cooped up in a world class recording studio writing and recording our magnum opus while you are falling in love with some other band. But we will be thinking about you. Dreaming about you. Wishing WE were the band playing the blowout summer jam you travelled across the country for to see 70 OTHER bands.  But don't be alarmed!  We will be penning more of the tender ballads and bouncy teen pop anthems we have become known for.

As high school acquaintences would scribble in my yearbook; "HAVE A KICK ASS SUMMER!"


  1. Where can we find info on the Columbus show?

  2. yous guys have a kick ass summer too

  3. You guys killed Columbus!

  4. The Columbus show was fucking killer! I haven't seen moshing in that city in a minute. Fuck yeah.

  5. i am a heathen without a facebook profile or any way or being in touch with the outside world...when are the ropes playing chicago again? thank you Joe...

  6. any news on that LP yet. so excited.