Sunday, January 20, 2013

the ropes is dead

THE ROPES are no more.  There is another band called THE ROPES and they had the foresight to get a trademark on the name.  They have threatened our label and promoters with legal action ($$$) if they continue to work with us.  We felt it was unfair that those who released and promoted our music to be subject to lawsuits, etc.  The Ropes LP that was recorded and scheduled for release is cancelled.

We have a few T-Shirts left over for sale at  We will be getting some tapes from the most recent Youth Attack update which we will be selling there as well.

We have decided to continue making music under the name THE REPOS.  A ton of cool shit happening in the near future including two new 7"s, a couple of compilation appearances and we will be playing with LOS CRUDOS in March.  New REPOS LP in 2013.


  1. Just curious: why were the recordings scrapped and not just released as the Repos? Another legal issue?

  2. They probably just had to say that so they wouldn't get boned by the law.